Monday, September 17, 2007

New Parents

Recently a friend of mine from work and his fiance had their first child. They are proud parents and I wanted to do something very special for them. I came across a line drawing on the internet a few years ago. I thought it may be a pattern for glass but I was unsure. I was really struck by the way the faces of the mother and father overlapped that of the baby's face. I knew it would be something I would have to make. I remembered the drawing when my friends became pregnant and decided that it would be the right thing for me to do for them. I used two of my favourite pieces of glass in this piece. I used gluechip for the background and seedy for the faces and hand. I really like the way this piece turned out and my friends were pleased with it as well. I hope you all like it.

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charles said...

Hi Sean, just a note to say your site looks neat, and your works looks very nice and interesting.

I haven't seen your site before. Not sure if you are aware, but when you have a new post, if it does not appear in the NL Blogroll, you can click on the Blogroll flag. When you get to that page, there is a link called "BlogRolling Ping Form". Click that, and you will see 2 boxes to enter the name and web address of your blog, then click submit. It usually says that your site has been updated in the blogroll, so it should appear as "New" there. Good luck.