Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crane on the Beach

This is a crane that seemed to sit on my bench for years...over three hundred pieces, framed in zinc and probably the most ambitious piece I had attempted up to this point. It took many hours to complete over a five year period.

Flock of Seagulls

I love making these little statues. Using a piece of driftwood I put to flight a flock of seagulls. I saw a sculpture of a huge flock of birds on vacation one year and decided that I wanted to do something similar with a flare for Newfoundland...seagulls and driftwood!!!

Shine so bright...

I have a really good friend that lives in Texas. We met back in 1972 and reunited a few years back. She is a wonderful woman who is a big part of my life...deep in the heart of Texas!

Falling and Flying

I used to wonder who would want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Well, a friend of mine from Montreal does and he is surprisingly well adjusted. Someday maybe I will get up my nerve to jump out of an airplane but not today. I made this piece for him as a Christmas gift a couple of years back. The yellow glass comes from a church window from Nova Scotia I picked up at an antique store in Portugal Cove Newfoundland. The piece is now in Montreal.