Monday, February 19, 2007

Snow Day at Night....

It is very stormy here today, but it is one of those nice storms, if there is any such thing. The flakes were big and it wasn't too cold out there. I really like to drive in weather like this. There are very few people driving and the solitude of being out alone in a storm is very soothing. I was looking for a piece of glass to show everyone but I couldn't decide. So while I was trying to decide I looked at some of the older pieces I did. I really like this piece. I made it for a friend of the family who was very into mermaids. I think it is one of the first pieces I did for someone I wasn't related too. I like the way she is diving for a jewel and the way the water flows around her. I hope you like it.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Something To Catch your Dreams....

My cousin was renovating his house and converting a garage into a usable family room, complete with wood stove. He did this room in a western motif with a lot of wood. It was beautiful and the wood and the western style worked perfectly. For Christmas I thought I would do a little something for him to fit into this room. I had planned on doing a piece with horses or just one horse and maybe a sun set, but when I saw a picture of this stylized dream catcher I had to do it. It not only feels western with it's dreamcatcher look but it is also in a modern style with sharp geometric shapes that I am really into. The circle near the bottom is a remnant from one of the first pieces of glass I ever bought. It came in a scrap pack I bought when I decided to learn how to do stained glass. Most of the glass is now long gone except for a few small scraps I like to use in special pieces.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mermaids and Minus Zero Temps

The temperatures outside this week have been a little on the chilly side. Mostly five to ten degrees below. Not that bad but not really ideal temperatures for a swim in the ocean. I decided that todays picture should be something of fantasty and warmth. What signifies story book legends more than a Mermaid. When I think of mermaids I conjure up images of warm blue water, white sands and long flowing hair. I hope you enjoy this picture I made for a close friend, I really enjoyed making it.