Saturday, February 10, 2007

Something To Catch your Dreams....

My cousin was renovating his house and converting a garage into a usable family room, complete with wood stove. He did this room in a western motif with a lot of wood. It was beautiful and the wood and the western style worked perfectly. For Christmas I thought I would do a little something for him to fit into this room. I had planned on doing a piece with horses or just one horse and maybe a sun set, but when I saw a picture of this stylized dream catcher I had to do it. It not only feels western with it's dreamcatcher look but it is also in a modern style with sharp geometric shapes that I am really into. The circle near the bottom is a remnant from one of the first pieces of glass I ever bought. It came in a scrap pack I bought when I decided to learn how to do stained glass. Most of the glass is now long gone except for a few small scraps I like to use in special pieces.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so nice. I love the combination of the light green glass with the dark browns. I've been to lots of craft shows and most of the stained glass that I've seen are ho-hum compared to yours. You're so darn talented...who knew? ;-)